Having A Body from jessica clay on Vimeo.


Elsewhere is a really cool living art museum located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I wonder what will happen if I float “myself” (cardboard) in a body of water and watched it change?

The whole body controlling mind thing can get pretty loopy when your thinking about hunger:

So my brain is telling my body to go get food but it is  my body that has the need for the food. My brain is part of my body and needs the food to function. If my mind did not tell my body to go get some food how would my body know that it should do so? Would it starve? Would there be an ‘I’ to starve?

On another note:

I am really excited about the new developments in the fine art department. I think the mentoring is a great first step. Part of the point of going to college is the opportunity to be a part of a community and to feel close enough to everybody (and this is such a small department) to be able to have conversations about what we are learning here, our individual practices, and relate it to what is currently going on in the world . I know all of that could happen without a mentor program or facilitated “get togethers” but I feel it is unique to find a place where the faculty is truly passionate about what they are doing and a certain environment that is created at Watkins which fosters community in such a way.

two websites to check out:

we make money not art

broken city lab is an art group from Windsor Canada. If you look though the archive and tags you can find some pretty interesting things.

I thought this was interesting in the way that this interaction plays with the dynamic between the subject and the object. How the different people are talking with this man and viewing him not only with their subjective opinions but also as an object that represents the iraqi people to which they can voice their opinions about Iraq and the war.

I was reading an excerpt from Katherine Hayles’ book “How We Became Post-Human” for my post-human bodies class and came across the term ‘epihenomenalism’ which is a view that  mental phenomena are  ephenomenon in that they can be caused by physical phenomena but cannon cause physical phenomena. In strong ephenomenalism,  this is very strict in that physical can only cause mental and mental cannot ever cause physical. This further explains that some or all mental states are simply by-products of the physical (ex. the brain, the nervous system)

The assignment is to make a 60 second self-portrait video using a doppleganger which is supposed to either literally or abstractly represent the self.

I am thinking about creating a comical scenario in which my mental self and my physical self are represented in a conflict in which the physical is trying to prove she is in complete control of the mental self.

I have not yet started on the construction of the doppleganger for the video but I am thinking about using myself and a constructed form to represent the two states of being. I want to give them stereotyped characteristics and kind of low brow comedic costumes like a flamboyant old lady for the mental state and for the physical – some sort of character who is only concerned with eating and excreting.

Here is a blog that discusses a good argument against epiphenomenalism.